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About Us

At Settle Debates, we offer you the chance to answer poll questions that range in subject matter from which basketball player was the greatest to whether you pee in the shower or not. From the popular to the obscure, we offer poll questions that spark healthy debate and discussion. We also offer a wide variety of categories, so you can debate subjects of your own interest.

  • Food
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Animals
  • Personal Hygiene & More

How it works is simple. You can vote in one of our many polls and discuss the reasons for your choice. Others will see your comments and have the ability to respond. We avoid subjects like politics and religion, so you can enjoy a healthy debate.

At Settle Debates we keep things light and fun, so you can enjoy your time on our website. Our goal is to have everyone discuss subjects they enjoy and have a good time. And the internet needs more places where people can engage with each other and enjoy themselves.  

Why Choose Settle Debates?

There are good reasons why our site is the place for you to engage with others in a light, healthy manner without having to worry about your personal feelings getting involved. By avoiding the heavy subjects that often lead hurt feelings, we keep things as light as we can on subjects that interest you. Some of the reasons why you should consider our website include the following.

Clarity: You’ll notice that most of our site is in black and white. This helps provide clarity to our polls and subject matter to minimize all distractions and keep the focus on the issues.

Subject Matter: A wide range of subjects is the backbone of our website. You can find the topics that interest you, vote in our polls, and discuss your reasons why in a healthy manner.

Fun: We want you to have a fun discussion with your friends. We believe that healthy discussion is something everyone should engage in. At Settle Debates, we provide the platform for people around the world to talk about light subjects so you can have fun discussing them.

We also offer merchandise, so you can help support our site and show off to your friends that you love a good debate as well.

Life it too short to take everything seriously, that’s why we created Settle Debates so you can have fun discussing topics that interest you.

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